Earth – farming – wine


We believe that wine can have a positive impact on the environment by promoting innovative farming practices and by creating strong connections between people who believe in change and pioneering producers who work to achieve it.
The Vino Family was founded to help create this connection. Searching and selecting innovative producers who not only strive to make unique and delicious wines, that go beyond sustainability and aspire to have a true positive impact on the planet.
To support these producers we created a platform that aims at connecting the wineries to you and other passionate wine lovers in the most sustainable way:

  • Focus on earth derived friendly packaging and we are always on the lookout for the next best solution.
  • Working with our producers to research and adopt more sustainable wine packaging solutions. Lighter bottles, certified recycled paper, no foil & plastic etc.
  • Whenever possible using carbon neutral delivery options and constantly challenging our logistic partners to offer us better and more sustainable solutions

Finally, while our company is 100% focused on creating a direct positive impact on the planet, we also want to join and support collective efforts to protect the environment. This is why we decided to join the 1% for the Planet network and collectively tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.


We believe that innovative viticulture can lead the way to a new agriculture focused on regenerating the soil, protecting and promoting biodiversity and ultimately having a positive impact on nature and the planet.
Supporting farmers that are working everyday to change the status quo, researching new solutions, experimenting with new practices and pioneering a new approach that aims at integrating their work in the ecosystem that hosts them.
We believe that we can do better than being “sustainable” and that organic agriculture is not enough. At the same time we understand that every region, every farm, every vineyard is different and requires ad hoc solutions.
By promoting organic regenerative agriculture through our platform we believe we can provide these brave farmers and producers the extra support that they deserve and will need on their journey.
Our Farming criteria includes the following:

  • Use of copper for disease prevention limited to 3.4 kg/ha/year
  • Use of sulphur for disease prevention limited to 70 kg/ha/year
  • Irrigation: only drip systems, only for emergency to avoid soil degradation
  • Biodiversity: at least 10% of the land is dedicated to biodiversity projects
  • Certification: Organic and/or Biodynamic certifications are recognized and supported


We believe that the same principles that guide the work in the vineyards should be applied in the wineries. We are constantly searching for dedicated winemakers producing wines that are terroir driven, authentic, artisanal, and unique. Wines are a living product of a healthy and natural environment and, as such, it can’t be processed in any way that reduces it’s vitality and it’s true essence.
Our winemaking criteria includes the following:

  • Indigenous yeasts
  • No sugar (<1g/L)with the exception of sparkling wines for which only a minimal amount is accepted
  • No additives allowed
  • Natural fining
  • Following organic and biodynamic certifications
  • Low sulphites (<75ppm) possibly only at bottling, in order to preserve the wine during shipment
  • Limited filtration W: 5 microns R: 10 microns

Our guidelines are a working document in constant evolution thanks to the best practices developed and shared by our producers.